Youth Athletics C’ship: Dhanvir Singh wins gold

Indian shot-putter Dhanvir Singh packed away a gold decoration in the continuous fifteenth National Youth Athletics Championship here on Monday.

Dhanvir tossed 19.69 meter in the fifth endeavor to break the prior meet record of 19.34 meter set by Navtejdeep Singh in 2011.

While Adish Ghildiyal of Uttarakhand won the silver decoration with a toss of 18.23 meter, Aniket Kala from a similar state took the bronze award with a best exertion of 17.98 meter in the occasion.

In ladies’ 400m obstacle race, Vishnu Priya won the gold decoration by completing with a season-best time of 1:02.5 seconds. She broke the before meet record of 1:02.58 seconds set by PO Sanya in Bambolim in 2015.

Competitor K. Prajna of Karnataka, who won the silver award, completed the race in 1:05.08 seconds trailing about three seconds behind Priya.

The bronze award was gotten by Jyoshna Sabar of Odisha who timed 1:05.82 seconds.

In ladies’ 200 meter race, Kerala’s Ancy Sojan won the gold with a complete of 24.91 seconds.

While the silver award in the opposition went to Kirti Bhoit, the bronze decoration was won by Giridharani of Tamil Nadu.

In the interim, Dhanvir Singh and the victor of Women’s 100-meter leap race, Aparna Roy, were proclaimed the ‘Best Athletes’ of the title.

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