Vasanthabalan demands Cheran to leave ‘Bigg Boss’ home!

In Bigg Boss scene, Saravanan insolently uniquely tended to Cheran in a warmed contention. Despite the fact that Cheran was crushed, there wasn’t sufficient help for him in the house. Presently, widely praised executive Vasanthabalan took to his Facebook page to state that Cheran should leave Bigg Boss house.

“Cheran sir, you made movies comparable to artistic works in Tamil film. Your movies like Porkaalam, Bharathi Kannamma, and Autograph are immaculate contents however what to do, individuals in the Bigg Boss house and the group of spectators will imagine that you are equivalent to Saravanan. Simply leave the house. You are keeping pace with amazing executives like Balu Mahendra and Mahendran”, said Vasanthabalan on his Facebook page.

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