US thinking about direct chats with Taliban

The United States is thinking about to unite the immediate chats with Taliban, trying to end the multi year-long war in Afghanistan.

The likelihood of the discussions amongst Washington and the Taliban is in the beginning time, said the U.S. also, Afghan authorities to the Washington Post.

“There is restored consideration . . . be that as it may, no unmistakable arranging procedure [and] no work force to do genuine talks,” said a U.S. official.

The Taliban has constantly kept up that they first need to talk about peace with the United States just, which toppled their administration in Afghanistan in 2001.

In any case, the United States dependably rather on Afghanistan Government cooperation in the same.

The transaction with the Taliban is being considered as the present Afghanistan technique, endorsed by the United States President Donald Trump the previous summer and the U.S. troops sent in the area have not been sufficient to break the contention.

“I read this as an extremely positive advancement,” said Johnny Walsh, a senior master at the U.S. Establishment of Peace and previous lead counselor at the State Department on the Afghan peace process.

“I think the organization is endeavoring to take away, one by one, the Taliban’s reasons for not talking,” he included.

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