Ultimately back, crapshoot was abundant that Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal are rokafied and have gotten engaged. This not only spread like bonfire on social media but also surprised beaucoup. Notwithstanding, soon it turned out to be a figment of rumor-mongers imagination as Kat’s band was quick to deny it.

Now, Vicky Kaushal’s adolescent stepsister Sunny Kaushal in his recent commerce withSpotboye.com revealed what their parents said after learning about the supposed engagement rumor. ” I remember that Vicky had gone to the gymnasium in the morning when the rumors started coming. So, when he returned home, ma and daddy funnily asked him,’ Arre yaar, Teri engagement ho Gayi, mithai to khila de’. And either Vicky told them,’ Jitni Asli engagement hui hai, utni Asli mithai Bhi Kha lo’. ”

” We do not know where it all came from, but we all were laughing so hard because of that, ” he said.