Two films on ‘Thai cave rescue’ in progress

Hollywood is good to go for extra large screen adjustments of the ‘Thai Cave Rescue’, with the sensational mission being the subject of not only one, but rather two contending film creators.

After Pure Flix Entertainment had declared that they are looking for the motion picture rights for the Thai give in protect activity, ‘Now You See Me 2’ executive Jon M. Chu and Ivanhoe Pictures are additionally reflecting to collaborate for the same, affirmed Variety.

Flagging that he was chipping away at the task, Chu tweeted, “I decline to let Hollywood #whitewashout the Thai Cave protect story! No chance. Not on our watch,” he composed. “That won’t occur or we’ll give them damnation. There is a delightful story abt individuals sparing other people. So anybody supposing abt the story better approach it right and deferentially.”

The safeguard task, which initiated on Sunday, was completed in three stages.

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