Sri Lanka to move maritime base to China-controlled port city

Sri Lanka is moving a maritime base to a port fabricated and controlled by China, it said on Monday, a move that will fortify security at a harbor that remote forces fear China could use for military purposes.

The base as of now in the traveler region of Galle will be moved 125 km (80 miles) east along Sri Lanka’s southern drift to Hambantota, closer a principle shipping course amongst Asia and Europe.

The $1.5 billion deepwater port is probably going to assume a noteworthy part in China’s “Belt and Street” activity and is under a 99-year rent to China Shippers Port Property at a cost of $1.12 billion.

Government and strategic sources have disclosed to Reuters that the Assembled States, India and Japan have raised worries that China may utilize the port as a maritime base.

The Sri Lankan government and Chinese international safe haven in Colombo have denied that and the assention for the port arrangement incorporated a condition that it can’t be utilized for military purposes.

“Sri Lanka has effectively educated China that Hambantota port can’t be utilized for military purposes,” Head administrator Ranil Wickremesinghe’s office said in an announcement.

“Since the security of the port will be under the control of Sri Lanka naval force, there is no compelling reason to fear,” the announcement said.

A maritime unit has just been set up in Hambantota and development work for the base is in progress, naval force representative Dinesh Bandara said.

Talking in Beijing, Chinese Outside Service representative Lu Kang said the Hambantota port venture was to help Sri Lanka accomplish its point of turning into a coordinations center point in the Indian Sea, which was useful for the nation’s monetary improvement and the locale all in all.

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