SpiceJet traveler found conveying 22 live cartridges

SpiceJet discovered 22 live cartridges of .22 bore from the stuff of a Bengaluru-bound traveler on Thursday.

The cartridges were found at Pune air terminal by the carrier staff at an early stage Thursday.

Affirming the occurrence, SpiceJet representative revealed to ANI that cartridges were found by their security staff amid the stuff screening process, after which he was addressed by SpiceJet staff and Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) faculty.

The traveler was to take the SpiceJet flight number SG-519.

As indicated by the carrier, the traveler was not ready to deliver any substantial archive and was first given over to the CISF and after that police for further activity, however no FIR was enlisted against the explorer.

Police is exploring the issue. More subtleties are anticipated.

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