Saina Nehwal slammed out of the Indonesia Open

Previous world number one Saina Nehwal slammed out of the Indonesia Open in the wake of going down against her Chinese adversary Chen Yufei in the second round of the ladies’ singles occasion here on Thursday.

Subsequent to losing the opening set in a serious fight, the 28-year-old began on a positive note in the second set however neglected to keep up it till the end. Therefore, she drooped to a 18-21, 15-21 straight set thrashing against the Chinese shuttler.

Giving an unfaltering begin to the opening amusement, both the shuttlers were playing at 1-1 each before Nehwal picked up a two-point lead in the match opener.

As the amusement advanced, Saina looked certain of cruising through. Notwithstanding, her 20-year-old adversary was not willing to surrender so effortlessly.

Making a solid rebound, Yufei grabbed the lead from the Indian shuttler and enrolled the principal set to her name by hitting an extraordinary crush.

Like the principal set, it was again a decent begin for Nehwal as she picked up an early lead, however this time, Yufei rushed to remove that from the Indian smasher.

Giving shocking answers to Nehwal’s crushes, the youthful shuttler demonstrated some amazing vitality on the court. The amusement gradually slipped from the grasp of the Indian shuttler, as she wound up hitting the net a few times amid the diversion.

The score was 14-19 in the support of the Chinese player, who in the end removed the amusement from the Saina.

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