RBI Rs.2000 Note Photo Going Viral on Social Media.  

As per Reports, Reserve Bank of India Bank will circulate notes of the denomination of ₹2,000 soon. The notes have already been printed, and their dispatch from the currency printing press in Mysore has commenced. The daily added that neither the Indian government nor the central bank confirmed the development.

Now the pictures of Rs.2000 currency notes are going Viral on Social media site like Twitter and Facebook. We can’t Say it’s original or not, but everyone sharing it with tagline ‘Reserve Bank of India Rs.2000 Note First Look’.2000rs

The Reserve Bank of India has very nearly completed preparations for introducing this new high-value currency, sources said. There has been no official word on the introduction of new notes either from the RBI or the government. The government, on the advice of the RBI, decides on various denominations of banknotes to be issued.


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