Prakash Jha set to coordinate biopic on a mathematician

Bollywood producer Prakash Jha is good to go to coordinate a biopic on the life of famous mathematician from Bihar, Vashishtha Narayan Singh.

Affirming the news, Prakash Jha said that the mathematician is a national fortune.

“Dr. Vashishtha Narayan Singh, the splendid mathematician from Bihar is our national fortune. His life is so moving, I would love to coordinate a biopic on him,” said Jha.

Vinay Sinha, one of the makers of the motion picture, said that he has been perusing about the life of the prominent mathematician for a long while now.

“His story has huge highs and lows, and now we are good to go to deliver a film on him. I couldn’t be more joyful” said an energized Vinay Sinha.

“I share my dad’s profound enthusiasm for the life of the virtuoso Vashishtha Babu and that is the reason I am quick to make the declaration of our film to harmonize with my dad’s birthday, which is today. What’s more, to make the declaration significantly all the more energizing, Prakash Jha has consented to coordinate our fantasy venture,” another maker Priti Sinha included.

The film will be delivered by Vinay Sinha and Priti Sinha and co-created by Namrata and Amod Sinha.

A lead performing artist is yet to be found for the main part.

Prakash Jha’s declaration comes when Hrithik Roshan is set to assume the part of Anand Kumar, the Patna-based mathematician and organizer of the Super 30 instructing organization.

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