Paresh Rawal attacked Congress president Rahul Gandhi

Bollywood performer and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) pioneer Paresh Rawal on Friday attacked Congress president Rahul Gandhi, saying if the last could address the parliament effortlessly, a tremor will come.

Rawal, while tending to the media stated, “Agar aaj Rahul ji bina padhe, bina bobble kare, bina ghalti kare 15 minute bolenge toh dharti zaroor hilegi, hilegi bhi kya, naachegi.”

He put forth this expression with reference to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s discourse amid Karnataka get together decisions where he had tested Rahul to represent 15 minutes without perusing from any paper.

The announcement came as the Lok Sabha today took up a verbal confrontation on the no-certainty movement against the Modi government.

The verbal confrontation was started by the Telegu Desam Party naming the decision party as an adventure of void guarantees.

The restriction offered energy to the movement under issues like extraordinary status to Andhra Pradesh, swarm lynching occurrences, bovine vigilantism, collective articulations and abominations looked by minorities.

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