Notice to Tollywood pundit for harming religious estimations

Tollywood pundit Kathi Mahesh was served a notice over deprecatory remarks made by him against Hindu Divine beings Rama and Sita.

Murli, the Hover Overseer of Banjara Slopes Police headquarters, said that they got a dissension from a Bajrang Dal lobbyist expressing that Mahesh had put forth disparaging expressions against Ruler Sri Rama and Sita in a private Telugu channel face off regarding.

“Recently night we had called him (Mahesh) to the police headquarters as a major aspect of the enquiry and after cross examination, we served him a notice under CrPC 41 and requesting that he show up in the police headquarters at whatever point required,” he included.

According to the complainant, the comments made were frightful to the feelings of the Hindu people group.

A case was enlisted under area 295-An and 505(2) of the Indian Penal Code.

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