Netflix confirmed that it will launch a random play function.

Streaming media giant Netflix launched a “shuffle play” function for users in the first half of this year. According to a recent report, the company has announced that it will introduce a shuffle function in its recent financial performance. The shuffle function has been tested on Netflix for some time. It works by selecting content based on your viewing history to help users avoid being overwhelmed by the content that Netflix must provide.

According to a report by Variety, Netflix COO and Chief Product Officer Greg Peters said that the feature is designed to let users “show us that they just want to skip browsing altogether, click a button, and we will choose a title for them. .play now. “When testing this feature, Netflix tried to put the “Shuffle” button on the profile screen and put the “Play something” option in the menu. Although most reports say that the feature may be called “Shuffle”, But still not confirmed. According to The Verge report, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings joked that the company may call it “I’m lucky.” Same as Google search function, you can skip to Top search results.

Shuffle Play will work with Netflix’s other recent attempt tp to make it easier to find what to watch. Last year, the company added a “new and popular” label to Netflix, which shows a combination of new, popular and upcoming content.

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