MQM blacklists elections in Karachi and Sindh

While lion’s share of Pakistan saw voters arranging to make their choice, parts of Karachi and urban Sindh saw quietness in election corners, as individuals from the Muttahida Qaumi Movement effectively boycotted the decisions.

The general population of Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkar, Mirpurkhas and other urban areas of Sindh territory effectively boycotted the decisions, following the interest made by MQM author Altaf Hussain.

Hussain saluted the Mohajir people group for effectively boycotting the surveys, along these lines demonstrating their solidarity.

A week ago, the MQM Chief had encouraged the ethnic Mohajir people group to blacklist Pakistan’s general race.

He denounced the Pakistan Army to have effectively chosen the following government, and stated that the worldwide network was very much aware of the Pakistan Army’s “political designing.”

In a video message, the MQM pioneer had asserted that the “double crossers” who double-crossed the MQM and the Mohajir Nation were deceiving the Mohajirs.

He promised that he could never stop the battle for the privileges of the Mohajir Nation.

“The paramilitary Rangers are assaulting urban areas of Sindh to abduct MQM laborers, yet they do not have the bravery to confront the Indian Army in Kashmir,” the MQM pioneer said.

On a related note, the consequences of the Pakistan decisions have been deferred because of a product glitch, Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Secretary Babar Yaqoob said on Thursday in a question and answer session.

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