MP Govt bans buy of new vehicles and ACs

Battling with assets crunch, Chief Minister Kamal Nath drove Congress government in Madhya Pradesh has put a restriction on the buy new vehicles and air conditioners (ACs) by the administration divisions alongside a huge number of different things.

The Finance Department, on the guidance of Chief Minister Nath, has issued a mandate denying the buy of scores of things. The order, which is evidently an endeavor to contain unimportant consumption, additionally forbids the production of journals and logbooks of the New Year.

Additionally, the consumption caused on office furniture, books, magazines, stationery, visitor costs, press and distribution, consultancy, sanitation, security, and other such heads has been restricted.

As indicated by the state government, the limit on the consumption has been settled based on the distinction between the allotted spending plan for these costs in the monetary year 2018-19 and the use brought about in the money related year 2017-18.

Nonetheless, clinics, lodgings, Anganwadis, shield homes have been kept out of the domain of the most recent order of the Finance Department.

It merits referencing that Chief Minister Nath, amid the state’s as of late held Assembly race battle, was very vocal of Madhya Pradesh’s purportedly dubious wellbeing condition.

As indicated by a report of Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) tabled in the Vidhan Sabha in March 2018, Madhya Pradesh is battling with an enormous obligation of about Rs 1.83 crore.

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