Kanhaiya Kumar’s New Assault: ‘They Discovered 3000 Condoms In JNU, Not A Missing Understudy’

The dissent by the understudies of Delhi’s prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru College against the powers’ powerlessness to discover missing understudy Najeeb Ahmed got a new help today from the expressions of the college’s understudy pioneer Kanhaiya Kumar.


At the dispatch of his book, “From Bihar to Tihar”, Mr Kumar, who invested energy in prison as a denounced in a dissidence case, attacked the administration, saying: “They had such knowledge, they could check the quantity of condoms that were being utilized as a part of JNU however they can’t utilize that insight to discover where is Najeeb after such a variety of days.”

The reference was to a remark by BJP administrator Gyandev Ahuja, made in February amid the dissents at the prestigious college.

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