Actress Jessica Chastain’s man Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo feels it’s ” sexy ” that she earns another than him and she does not believe women should be made to feel shamed for their success.

Chastain told the Daily Mail periodical’s Baz Bamigboye ” Well my own mister! I wouldn’t be with a man who did not celebrate it. It’s a red-hot thing now with women in the personnel and their earning power, and people valuing us for what we can do. It’s really important to be around men who celebrate that. “
She’ll next be seen contrary Oscar Isaac in’ Scenes From a Marriage’, a five-part drama series in which her tech jefe character Mira earns far fresh than her academic partner Jonathan and it explores the dynamic between them,

She said ” She does not want to unman her mister, because she can feel that he is uncomfortable with it, so she allows him to be king of the home. He is always blocking her, in terms of relations with her prototype. Mira mutes herself to make him feel OK. ”

The series is predicated on Ingmar Bergman’s 1974 movie of the same name and the actress said that it was ” super raw ” to shoot.

She said ” It’s so painful. ”

The 44- span- old star feels it offers makeshift for the institution of marriage.

She said ” I launch it a love story about pushing against what society says is a relationship; or what love has to look like. I see it as two objects choosing love for the pure sake of wanting to give it, not