Idukki dam prone to be opened,reaching the most extreme

Power serve M. M. Mani has said that screens of the Cheruthoni dam of Idukki undertaking could open even before the capacity level contacts 2400-ft stamp if the circumstance requests.after 23 years.

At his talks with authorities at the Idukki collectorate on Saturday, there was an accord to open the dam whenever the water level contacts 2,398 ft.

He told the gathering that as opposed to discharging the water at one go the administration’s need was discharging in stages avoiding potential risk.

The shades should open amid the day playing it safe, he stated, relieving fears of individuals living downstream.

“A field study is going ahead under different divisions to decide what number of families will get influenced,” he said. “Extra boss secretary P.H. Kurian is evaluating the ground circumstance and planning exercises.”

Authority K. Jeevan Babu said the framework is on alarm to lessen the effect.

“We are thinking about to discharge the water when the water level achieves 2,398 ft. The water will be discharged 15 minutes in the wake of sounding alarm,” he said. They will likewise make declarations on amplifiers.

V.S. Balu, official architect, research and dam security division at Vazhathoppu, said just a single shade would be available to discharging water limitedly.

“We’ll issue a red ready when the water level achieves 2,397 ft, and clear individuals from Cheruthoni to Panam-kutty. We figure it will take at any rate Thursday for the water level to achieve that level,” he told.

The dam has five screens, and authorities have examined their pathway through which the water is to be discharged.

The group involved income, power and water system office authorities.

The reviewed places from the Cheruthoni dam best to Panamkutty.

The water level of the Idukki dam achieved 2,394 ft on Saturday, in spite of a decrease in the power of the precipitation.If its reaches 2,395 ft will declare Orange Alert

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