Idukki dam: Code Orange issued as water level achieves 2395 feet

Kerala government has declared an Orange caution along the banks of the Periyar, with the water levels in the Idukki dam ascending to 2395 feet on Monday night.Rescue and alleviation groups have been sent in both Idukki and Ernakulam regions to assume control in case of the dam’s shades being opened.

On Monday morning the water levels in the dam were at 2394.64 feet.Following consistent precipitation, the water levels rose to 2395 inciting the legislature to issue the Orange caution. The alarm, otherwise called Code Orange,is the second level of the three cautions issued by the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) to caution those living near the waterway.

The first – Green alarm or Code Green – was issued when the water levels achieved 2390 feet in the dam. Code Green cautioned those living along the waterway of the rising water levels.

The specialists will in a perfect world open the dam screens simply after the third and last alarm – Code Red – has been issued. The Red alarm will be declared when the water levels in the repository achieves 2399 feet, leaving only 4 feet for the dam’s ability to maximize at 2403 feet.

Once the water ascends to 2400 feet, the specialists will be compelled to open the

dam screens says Idukki Collector Jeevan Babu.

One of the biggest curve dams in the mainland, the 45-year-old Idukki dam has not been opened over the most recent 26 years.

Plans to open the dam in a preliminary keep running before Code Red is declared, are being talked about by experts. In the controlled preliminary run, the center shade of the 5 conduit entryways of the Cheruthoni dam will be opened first. Following this, one of the shades in the outrageous left or right will be opened. The screens will be opened for 10-15 cms and for a controlled time of 4 hours.

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