HS Prannoy beats Lin Dan at Indonesia Open

Indian Badminton player HS Prannoy surpassed incredible Chinese player Lin Dan in the first round of the men’s singles occasion of Indonesia Open here on Tuesday.

The 25-year-old whipped his Chinese rival 21-15, 9-21, 21-14 of every an exciting challenge.

The principal amusement began on an unfaltering note with both the players endeavoring hard to go up in the diversion.

Subsequent to bumbling for initial couple of minutes in the amusement, Prannoy kept his nerves flawless and crushed Lin Dan 21-15 in the main diversion.

When the second amusement began, it was normal that Dan would make a strong rebound and he didn’t baffle. In the wake of being wary toward the start of the second amusement, he picked up a solid lead of eight focuses making it troublesome for the Indian shuttler to hit back.

In a completely commanding execution, Dan won the second diversion 21-9.

Heading into the third amusement, both the shuttlers began with a point each as the diversion progressed.

Prannoy picked up the lead without precedent for the amusement and was holding solidly to his that.

Being an accomplished individual, Lin Dan attempted to confine the Indian shuttler inside a two-point lead however the diversion began to slip to support Prannoy as he began raising his lead.

The Chinese shuttler was currently trailing the diversion 13-19 and the following moment Prannoy was going for the match point.

Showing some splendid badminton aptitudes on the court, Prannoy crushed Dan 21-14 in the last round of the match.

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