Delhi govt favors delinking social welfare annuity plans from Aadhaar

The Delhi Cabinet on Tuesday acknowledged the Social Welfare Department’s proposition to not make Aadhaar and Aadhaar connected ledgers compulsory for getting the maturity, incapacity and dowagers benefits gave by the Delhi government.

In a gathering led by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, it was chosen that the Department will dispatch every one of the annuities that were ceased because of absence of Aadhaar at old rates.

It was likewise chosen in the gathering that improved benefits will be given impact from April 2018, to all recipients who are getting annuity at old rates with the goal that recipients are not punished for framework related reasons.

The Social Welfare Department is in charge of executing Old Age Assistance (Pension) to every single senior national who are inhabitants of Delhi for no less than five years and have family wages of Rs. 1,00,000/ – or less per annum.

Around 4.18 lakh individuals have gotten the advantages of this plan in April, 2018.

There is another plan called the Disability Pension by the office which gives money related help to all individuals with incapacity who are inhabitants of Delhi for no less than five years and have family salary of Rs. 1,00,000/ – or less per annum.

As of now, the measure of help is Rs. 2500/ – every month. Around 77, 542 individuals have gotten help with this plan for April-May 2018.

Despite the fact that it was chosen by the Cabinet in 2016 to not make Aadhaar required for settlement of annuity, the improved benefits was ordered to be offered just to Aadhaar seeded records. In this manner, an aggregate of 33,191 Old Age Pension recipients and 9,799 Disability Pension recipients were not able take advantage of upgraded benefits for no blame of theirs, simply due to foundational issues of the banks and/or Department.

As per Section 7 of the Aadhaar Act, it was stipulated that no recipient ought to be precluded advantage for need from claiming Aadhaar or disappointment of Aadhaar validation. It was likewise included that those people would be offered exchange method of ID. Additionally, divisions utilizing Aadhaar as identifier for conveyance of administration/advantages ought to have exemption taking care of instrument.

The Department has gotten another roundabout from Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which issues Aadhaar, with respect to the same. UIDAI has additionally proposed that till Aadhaar is allocated to a recipient, administrations ought to be given in view of substitute distinguishing proof archives as advised by the division.

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