Church priest in rape case in Kerala

One out of the five priests of Malankara Orthodox Church, who were blamed for sexually attacking a lady, surrendered on Thursday.

Father Mathew, one of the five blamed for the situation, surrendered before the Kollam Crime Branch, multi day after the Kerala High Court rejected his expectant safeguard supplication.

The Court had additionally rejected expectant safeguard supplications recorded by two different clerics engaged with the case.

For those unversed, five clerics of Malankara Orthodox Church were blamed for sexually attacking a lady a month ago in Kottayam.

The blamed professedly undermined to reveal the casualty’s admissions, made in chapel.

The episode became known when the casualty’s significant other recuperated a sound clasp identified with the case, following which examination was started by the congregation.

Once the case was exchanged to the Crime Branch, three of the denounced ministers connected for expectant safeguard in the Kerala High Court.

On a related note, the Malankara Orthodox Church had suspended every one of the five ministers after the grumbling was documented.

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