Aadhaar biometric information can’t be hacked: Ravi Shankar Prasad

The biometric information of Aadhaar can’t be hacked regardless of whether somebody attempted a billion times, Union Minister for Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad said on Sunday, while calling the information stockpiling framework “totally sheltered and secure”.

“… the framework contains my fingerprints and my iris examine, kept in a sheltered and secure condition which can’t be broken into even with billion endeavors,” Prasad said at an open capacity sorted out here.

The Minister said that Aadhaar experts direct almost one crore verifications consistently.

“Do you know what number of confirmations we do like clockwork? Three crore. Do you know what number of financial balances are connected to Aadhaar? 80 crore accounts. What’s more, Aadhaar is your homegrown innovation (at) one dollar each and totally protected and secure with appropriate parliamentary endorsement.”

“(It is) tough to the point that regardless of whether I uncover data with respect to a unique mark and iris sweep to an obscure individual, aside from in the event of national security, I can be indicted. That is the comprehensive part we have done,” Prasad said

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