14 murdered in shooting assaults in Mexican border city

No less than 14 individuals were killed today in three shooting episodes in the northern Mexican city of Juarez, famous for its medication posse related brutality.

One of the assaults happened in the southern piece of the city, where eight men who were accumulated viewing the World Container football coordinate amongst Mexico and South Korea, were shot at by furnished shooters who slaughtered six and harmed two, as indicated by security authorities.

Simultaneously, in a downtown neighborhood, five other men accumulated at a hairdressing salon to watch football were executed by a gathering who touched base at the scene in a blue van, as indicated by witnesses.

Hours sooner, amid the early long periods of the morning, three other individuals were taken from a gathering in an area on the edges of the city and executed by shooters.

The killings bring to 128 the quantity of individuals killed in the city this month alone.

In excess of 200,000 individuals have been executed in Mexico since the administration propelled a dubious against tranquilize hostile in late 2006, as indicated by official assumes that don’t determine what number of these casualties are identified with sorted out wrongdoing.

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