13 kids hospitalized in the wake of expending early afternoon feast

No less than 13 kids and an aide at an Anganwadi focus in Uttam Nagar were hospitalized on Tuesday purportedly in the wake of expending early afternoon feast here.

The kids supposedly griped of heaving and lost cognizance, after which they were hurried to Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital.

Rice and bubbled gram were served to the kids and pregnant ladies, which was provided by Akriti Self Help Group, situated in Uttam Nagar’s Deepak Vihar.

As per the police, the pregnant ladies who devoured a similar supper did not grumble of any uneasiness.

47-year-old Anita, who is an inhabitant of Hastal Vihar in Uttam Nagar, has been running this Anganwadi community for as far back as 11 years.

The middle has 46 kids and 13 pregnant ladies.

A case was enlisted regarding the occurrence.

No individual has been captured yet.

The examination is in progress.

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