Suicide assault on German consulate in northern Afghanistan.

An effective Taliban truck bomb struck the German department in Afghanistan’s northern Mazar-i-Sharif city late on Thursday, killing no less than two individuals and injuring more than 100 in a noteworthy aggressor ambush in the war-torn nation.

The Taliban called it a “retribution assault” for US air strikes in the unpredictable area of Kunduz not long ago that left up to 32 regular people dead.

The immense blast, trailed by sporadic gunfire, resonated over the generally serene city, crushing windows of close-by shops and leaving frightened neighborhood occupants escaping for cover.

“The suicide assailant slammed his explosives-loaded auto into the mass of the German office,” neighborhood police Chief¬†Sayed Kamal Sadat told AFP.

The German foreign ministry said the assault had finished and that all German staff from the department were unharmed.

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