The situation of actor Soumitra Chatterjee is “very critical and grim” and remaining efforts to revive him are being made by way of the groups of medical doctors treating him at a personal hospital in the metropolis on Saturday.

The Dada Saheb Phalke awardee is on a lifestyle guide and is not responding, one of the doctors attending him said. “Despite all our efforts, his physiological gadget is not responding. It (Chatterjee’s condition) is worse than before. He has been placed on all styles of help and he’s combating for his life,” he said.

COVID encephalopathy had set in his worried device and “undid each attempt,” he stated.

“We tried steroids, immunoglobulin, cardiology, anti-viral remedy, immunology everything,” the medical doctor said including a big team of specialists from the fields of neurology, nephrology, cardiology, vital care medicinal drug, ID experts had put in a variety of attempt to revive him within the past 40 days.

“We are sorry to say he isn’t always responding. We are making our last efforts. Even his family has widespread it … He is nearly at the factor of no return,” the physician said.

The thespian’s neurological condition had worsened on Friday. An EEG had shown that there’s little or no pastime inside the brain, the medical doctor had stated.

His oxygenation requirement had gone up and his kidney function had deteriorated.

The 85-12 months-vintage actor had passed through the primary plasmapheresis on Thursday and tracheostomy on Wednesday.