Panicked village lady confers suicide over put away money of Rs.54 lakh.

Hindustan Times reports that, A moderately aged homemaker in Telangana conferred suicide on discovering that certified receipts of Rs 54.40 lakh she had put away in divisions of 1,000 and 500 rupees were “in the same class as waste paper”.

Kandukuri Vinoda, 55, of east-focal Mahbubabad locale hanged herself at her living arrangement in Sanagapuram town at an early stage Thursday obviously unconscious of how to change over her cash.

As per the police, Vinoda sold her 12 sections of land of farming area in Sanagapuram for Rs 56.40 lakh. Of this, she spent Rs 2 lakh on treatment for her better half who endured an incapacitated stroke as of late. The rest of the sum, all in real money, was kept to meet costs of her girl’s marriage and purchase another land parcel.

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