P Chidambaram Appears at AICC Office

P Chidambaram denies all allegations leveled against him and his family members in the INX media case. Calls them “lies spread by pathological liars”.”I have not been accused of any wrongdoing in INX media case. If I am asked to choose between life and liberty, I will unhesitatingly choose liberty,” Chidambaram said at the press conference in AICC.”I was working alongside my lawyers all night. I was accused of running away but on the contrary, i was engaged in pursuit of justice. I bow down to the orders of the SC and between now and friday, I shall respect the law even if its applied unequally by investigating agencies,” he said.

P Chidambaram has left AICC headquarters but the CBI team is still at his house in Jor Bagh.

Congress Leader Salman Khurshid Says Party Stands With Chidambaram | “Whatever is happening with him is a huge concern. We respect him & we are with him,” he said. “Whatever is happening with him is a huge concern. We respect him & we are with him,” he said.

The Supreme Court today recorded for August 23 the expectant bail request knowing about previous fund serve P Chidambaram looking for insurance from capture in the INX Media Case, multi day after the Delhi High Court would not allow him between time alleviation. No notice of Chidambaram’s supplication was made in court after the Ayodhya land contest hearing arrived at an end on Wednesday. A group of officials from the CBI touched base at Chidambaram’s rich Jor Bagh living arrangement before the end of last night however couldn’t discover him home. The high court denied the expectant bail supplication to Chidambaram, saying he is by all accounts the “boss” and “key schemer” for the situation and should be examined in guardianship for the examination to be successful.

Holding that the INX media trick was an “exemplary instance of tax evasion”, the court said the twin actualities which have weighed to deny pre-capture bail to Chidambaram are “gravity” of the offense and “equivocal” answers given by him to questions put to him while he was under defensive spread reached out to him by the court.

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