Kanhaiya Kumar’s New Assault: ‘They Discovered 3000 Condoms In JNU, Not A Missing Understudy’

The dissent by the understudies of Delhi’s prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru College against the powers’ powerlessness to discover missing understudy Najeeb Ahmed got a new help today from the expressions of the college’s understudy pioneer Kanhaiya Kumar.

from_bihar_to_tihar_book_cover_1477891334626At the dispatch of his book, “From Bihar to Tihar”, Mr Kumar, who invested energy in prison as a denounced in a dissidence case, attacked the administration, saying: “They had such knowledge, they could check the quantity of condoms that were being utilized as a part of JNU however they can’t utilize that insight to discover where is Najeeb after such a variety of days.”

The reference was to a remark by BJP administrator Gyandev Ahuja, made in February amid the dissents at the prestigious college.

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