Just great sightseers welcome in Goa: Tourism Minister

Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar expressed that exclusive “great visitors” who regard the way of life of Goa are welcome in the state.

“We won’t permit the individuals who don’t regard Goenkarponn (Goaness) and take after our laws,” he told ANI.

In the wake of the ongoing confinements forced on the utilization of Alcohol in Goa, Ajgaonkar noticed that the limitation was because of the exercises individuals enjoy in the wake of drinking.

“Liquor isn’t an issue, yet the exercises they enjoy in the wake of expending it are hazardous. We just need great travelers,” he included.

A week ago, Ajgaonkar invited Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s declaration to force fines on vacationers for litter and drinking out in the open.

Parrikar had declared that from August 15 onwards, the individuals who savor liquor open would be fined Rs 2,500.

The Chief Minister additionally cautioned that littering the state with lager jugs would pull in a more extreme fine.

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