Japan PM Shinzo Abe has ‘awesome certainty’ in Donald Trump.

Shinzo Abe, the Japanese PM, said his meeting with Donald Trump on Thursday – the first by a foreign pioneer – persuaded him the US president-elect was somebody “in whom I can have awesome certainty”.


Mr Abe met with Mr Trump in New York, where the approaching president is dealing with setting up an organization after his amaze race triumph a week ago that has infused new instability into old US collusions.

“We could have an extremely open talk over a considerable measure of time. We held it in a warm air,” Mr Abe told correspondents after their meeting, which was additionally gone to by Mr Trump’s little girl Ivanka and son in-law Jared Kushner.js113989425-reuters-ivanka-large_transek9vkm18v_rkiph9w2gmnvl_bi2rexisic6cxmluk94

“The discussions ensured that we can construct a relationship of trust. Organizations together can’t work without trust. I am persuaded Mr Trump is a pioneer in whom I can have extraordinary certainty.”

The Japanese pioneer gave few points of interest of the meeting however added the two consented to meet again for more profound chats on a more extensive scope of issues.

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