Imran willing to determine Kashmir issue a pipe dream: Swamy

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) pioneer Subramanian Swamy on Friday named Pakistan’s Prime Minister-in-holding up Imran Khan’s readiness to determine Kashmir issue with India a “pipe dream”.

Addressing ANI, Swamy said there is no requirement for chats on Kashmir issue with Pakistan.

“He can have his pipe dream. He can dream though he couldn’t care less. There is no requirement for talks. Pakistan is on unlawful ownership of 33% of our Kashmir, and Pakistan must return it or face the breaking down of Pakistan at some point later on for which we need to get ready,” Swamy said.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) executive Imran Khan, on Thursday, laid the guide for his nation’s improvement and administration while explaining his needs in remote strategy in his lady discourse after the general races in Pakistan.

In his first discourse after the decisions, Khan said he might want to have great relations with India and work to determine every single exceptional issue through exchange. Specifying Kashmir as the center issue of contrast between the two countries, Khan said that it was time the two nations sat over the table and talked about the issues of concern.

“We ought to sit crosswise over and resolve the issues rather than we pointing the finger at India for issues in Balochistan and they censure us for issues in Kashmir. I can state that on the off chance that you (India) will step forward, we will step forward. The connection between the two nations has been uneven up until now and Pakistan has been reprimanded for a wide range of psychological warfare on the planet. We need fellowship with India and need to determine all issues through discourse,” stated Khan.

The Election Commission of Pakistan is yet to declare the last outcome.

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