It is reported that former Indian cricket team captain MS Dhoni has been treated by a local doctor due to severe knee pain. The national media reported that Dhoni has sought treatment from a prominent doctor named Vandan Singh in Ranchi, Dhoni’s hometown.Vandan Singh’s treatment method of adding herbs to milk is famous in and around Ranchi. Vandan Singh treats patients under a tree at Kathinkela in Lapang police station precincts, 70 km from Dhoni’s house.

According to the report, Dhoni came here for treatment due to pain in both knees. Dhoni pays doctors Rs 40 per dose.

The doctor said that he did not recognize Dhoni when he first came to the hospital, but only came to know when the locals and some children came and took photos. The doctor said that for the past one month, Dhoni has been visiting him every four days and he is not sure when he will arrive to receive his next dose. Dhoni’s parents also came to him for treatment.