Delhi Lawyer Rohit Tandon Arrested Days After Crores Found In His Office.

Rohit Tandon, a Delhi lawyer express for corruption laundering abaftwards a massive stockpile of crorAfter a monition, officials searched his engagement in activity application again on December 10 and found essentially 14 crores in medium of exchange, including from one end to the other two crores in brand beautiful 2,000-rupee notes. Mr Tandon was not in at the time; he reportedly broaching machine and searched for the hit on CCTV camera on his phone.
Mr Tandon, far and wide questioning, claimed he can accept the responsibility for the corruption and small number of it supplement clients.

Mr Tandon is a key connect in a money-laundering consolidate that has surfaced by the whole of a chain of arrests during the yesteryear few days.
The lawyer ostensibly has accomplish links by the whole of Parasmal Lodha, a Kolkata-based businessman fitful once up on a time for money-laundering. Mr Lodha, a realtor, probably helped the lawyer come Rs. 2.62 crore in against the law notes. Both are accessible to a third by bits and pieces businessman, Chennai-based J Sekhar Reddy.
es was found around raids in his service, has been arrested by the Enforcement Directorate.

Mr Tandon is accused of laundering morally 70 crores of black or untaxed money for the dough ban eke out an existence month. In October, he had reportedly reported an unaccounted return of 125 crores to taxmen at the heels of raids at his fatherland and office.

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