2 ladies make second endeavor to enter Sabarimala, sent back by police

Two ladies of menstrual age who came to Nilakkal base camp on Saturday to trek to Sabarimala sanctuary were compelled to return after police cautioned them about dissenters accumulated in Pamba.

These two ladies, Reshma and Shalina, had endeavored to visit Sabarimala before in the month too, yet neglected to enter the sanctuary. This time, the ladies were joined by a group of six men, however needed to return inferable from conceivable dissents.

The Sabarimala Temple and encompassing regions saw disturbance after the Supreme Court lifted the restriction on passage of ladies of menstrual age inside the sanctuary in September this year.

The Kerala government told the Supreme Court on Friday that 51 ladies somewhere in the range of 10 and 50 years old have entered the Sabarimala Temple following the September 2018 decision of the best court.

“More than 16 lakh aficionados have done the online enrollment for ‘darshan’ in the Sabarimala Temple and out of these 8.2 lakhs have visited the sanctuary. An aggregate of 7564 ladies between the age of 10 and 50 have enlisted for darshan, and according to the carefully examined records around 51 ladies in this gathering have just visited the place of worship and had darshan, with no issue. This does exclude numerous other people who have come as typical pioneers and not benefited the online office. An all out number of 44 lakh explorers visited the sanctuary from November 16, 2018 till date,” a note of Kerala Police chief expressed.

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