1369 captured and 717 kept on harthal conducted on Sabarimala Women entry

The Kerala police have captured 1369 and confined 717 under preventive measures till Friday morning regarding the hartal-related savagery in the state after the section of two ladies of bleeding age in the Ayappa sanctuary.

The charged likewise incorporate two CPI(M) laborers who were captured before in the day regarding the passing of Sabarimala Karma Samiti specialist, Chandran Unnithan, amid a conflict in Pandalam in the midst of Sabarimala push.

The police have enrolled 801 cases regarding the brutality that broke out after different associations required a state-wide closed down of shops and different foundations on Thursday to challenge the passage of the ladies.

Prior on Wednesday, in an extraordinary occurrence, two Keralite ladies, Bindu and Kanakadurga, who are in their 40s, entered the sanctuary premises and offered supplications at around 3:45 am on Wednesday. They were joined by police work force.

On September 28 a year ago, a Constitution Bench the Supreme Court lifted a prohibition on the section of ladies of any age in the peak sanctuary place of worship of Sabarimala.

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